5 February 2016

Youth Director
Chloe Steeper

Youth DirectorChloe Steeper

CHLOE STEEPER HBA – Chloe is a graduate of Crandall University with an HBA in English and Biblical studies. She then worked for Sunnybrae Baptist and Cherryfield Baptist churches, running a drop-in centre for children, as well as directing a youth discipleship programme mid-week and on weekends.

Chloe returned to her home in Ontario in 2012 after living in the Maritimes for five years, and began working for St John’s Presbyterian Church as youth director. She’s focused on expanding the perspectives of local youth regarding Christian culture, living Christ-centred lives and exploring God-given self-worth and purpose.

Chloe enjoys gardening, painting, reading, writing and exploring the beautiful countryside.

“Stand firm and you will win life” (Luke 21:19).